Carnelian Birthstone

Vickie Hallmark | Carnelian Poppy Earrings

I'm intrigued by the idea of birthstones. Here in the US, the traditional stone for July birthdays is ruby. But in Britain, the July birthstone can alternatively be carnelian. Before the 20th century, July was represented by turquoise and onyx, while carnelian belonged to August. 

There seems to be some more modern influences on stones for some months, perhaps to provide more affordable options.

Eastern cultures assign birthstones to Celestial bodies rather than months. So there are also zodiac birthstones, where carnelian belongs to Virgo. 

And I didn't previously know that there is also a stone assigned to each day of the week. Carnelian is one of two stones for Thursday (the other being sapphire).

I like this notion that there are multiple birthstones for any given birthdate. Permission to own ore beautiful gemstones. 

My own birthstones would include sapphire, lapis lazuli, chrysolite, and carnelian. No wonder I love carnelian!



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