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Peach Moonstones, Too!

Last time I wrote about my love affair with rainbow moonstones. But there are plenty of other moonstones to love. Another of my favorites is peach moonstone.  The thing that links the two is the shimmer, which is really hard to photograph properly. This photo probably gives the best idea of the sheen when the light hits just right.  I've made quite a few peach moonstone designs in the last year or two, so I'm always shopping for more stones. I can say that quality varies widely, and my husband doesn't call me Picky Vickie for nothing. When I find a great source, I now know to stock up!    

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My current favorite stone is rainbow moonstone. I love the way it catches and refracts the light to give a luminous blue glow, bringing to mind the moonlight for which is is named. After using up some of my favorite rose cut moonstones from my last Tucson Gem Show trip (where I watched a person reach over me and buy the entire remaining tray!), I've been wishing for more.   So I ordered some semi-matched pairs from a new supplier to test. They have gorgeous color, presumably due to the fact that they are quite high domed. That means they weigh more and cost more, but I'm loving the results.  If you're into the spirituality of gemstones, Moonstone has special meanings...

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In the course of working in the studio, suboptimal things happen. Sometimes a delicate stone chips. Sometimes a tool slips. Sometimes the torch is held for a few seconds too long. Many mistakes are recoverable, with enough work. But occasionally, the defects are minimal enough to warrant overlooking. If the damage is not noticeable on casual observation or in common wear, I might choose to offer the piece as a "second" at a high discount.  In these cases, I like to clearly disclose the damage so that a potential owner can decide for themselves if the piece meets their needs. Sometimes that discount can make a lovely piece that would be too expensive suddenly within reach for an admirer. In...

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Lantana Leaf Earrings

While wildflowers usually get all the attention, the leaves are the true powerhouses that feed the plant. They make those gorgeous blooms that attract butterflies and birds possible. So I'm honoring our wildflowers with a series of leaf themed earrings.   The hand-sculpted lantana leaves on these delicate silver dangle earrings are a reminder of the gorgeous wildflowers that thrive in nature.  Each hand-sculpted leaf is one-of-a-kind, set at an angle into a hammered freeform ring, and accented with three large silver granules.  The two earrings have mirrored designs, because earrings should be a set and not just two of the same. Lightweight but freely swinging on handmade hypoallergenic ear wires. Highest quality Argentium sterling silver is low tarnish for...

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Coleus Leaf Earrings

Glowing orange carnelian and leaf motifs remind me of my spectacular orange coleus growing in its brilliant blue pot in the garden.  With freeform hammered rings, hand-sculpted leaves, and prong set rose cut gemstones, these lightweight one-of-a-kind earrings will be a perfect accent when you need a pop of color.  Hand-fabricated in low-tarnish Argentium sterling silver and fine silver for easy care, hypoallergenic wear, and 100% recycled silver content sustainability. 

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