2019 Lone Star Jewelry Retreat Just Announced!

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More Dagger Earrings

"Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen." - John Steinbeck Every morning I write in my journal and do a little design sketch work before heading out to the studio. Based on the recent dagger/ sticks&stones earrings, I've been riffing on that theme. How can I use up all those dagger drops? I find that if I just draw a handful, something will inspire me to go try it in metal.   

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Danger Jewelry

Sometimes an idea has to wait for its time. My original idea didn't pan out. I made a mold and cast dozens of these long dagger shapes for a project years ago. A few actually got used, but mostly they sat in a box.  While working on a new earring design, I wanted some long dangles. Prowling through the boxes of components, what did I find? The daggers, short and long.  Yes, they were curved, but I hammered them straight again. I made the first pair of earrings, with druzies. I proceeded to wear them as a test - would I endanger my neck? All good. I even wore them to pilates, with no damage.    I enjoyed the slight tinkle...

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Peek into My Process

A peek into the process of creating Vickie Hallmark jewelry. Sketching and hand-sculpting tiny metal components, fabricating with Argentium wire and sheet, finishing and stone-setting - a lot goes into creating an art treasure to wear.

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