Night Jewelry

Vickie Halmark | Night Branch Earrings

I love the color black. Most of my wardrobe is black. Much of my home is decorated in black and white, with a color punch here and there So it makes sense that I'm drawn to black jewelry, and that I might punctuate it with bright gemstones. 

There are multiple ways to do black in jewelry. My process involves putting a dark patina onto sterling silver, then brightening up the highlights to bring out all the details.

It seems almost a waste to take that silver glow and make it black, but the contrast between that night black and the bright sculptural details is what I'm after. Since I think of the Nightfall collection as scenes from the night garden, that dark patina represents the dark night surrounding a nature vignette, whether it's a blossom or a bird on a tree branch.

I'm often asked how I get the dark black of my patina. The answer is repetitive application and a delicate polish afterward to get rid of the matte haze that patina usually leaves behind. Extra work, in other words. But worth it to me, because it's my trademark look.  

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