Vickie Hallmark | Moon Moth Earrings

My current favorite stone is rainbow moonstone. I love the way it catches and refracts the light to give a luminous blue glow, bringing to mind the moonlight for which is is named.

Vickie Hallmark | Moon Leaf Earrings

After using up some of my favorite rose cut moonstones from my last Tucson Gem Show trip (where I watched a person reach over me and buy the entire remaining tray!), I've been wishing for more.

Vickie Hallmark | Moonstone Leaf Studs


So I ordered some semi-matched pairs from a new supplier to test. They have gorgeous color, presumably due to the fact that they are quite high domed. That means they weigh more and cost more, but I'm loving the results. 

Vickie Hallmark | Moon Leaf Earrings

If you're into the spirituality of gemstones, Moonstone has special meanings encompassing healing and balancing, along with enhancing hope, intuition and abundance. I can't wait to get to the rest of my stash of magical moonstones.

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