Vickie Hallmark | Pale Rose Leaf Earrings

Who can resist a pink stone? Morganites are lovely orange-to-pink colored gemstones from the beryl family, related to emeralds and aquamarines. I scooped up a dozen of rose-cut morganites to add a new color range to my jewelry. 

Vickie Hallmark | Pale Rose Leaf Earrings (front and back)

The pale blush color is decidedly delicate. In these Pale Rose Leaf Earrings, the pale pink color makes me think of the pale New Dawn roses that I've grown in my garden. The hand-sculpted leaves have individually serrated edges (imagine me with a tiny file, cutting each one), as do rose leaves. 

And then there's a tiny pop of contrasting color at the bottom, where I've added a couple of silver granules on either side of a custom-set hot-pink rhodolite garnet. 

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