Peach Moonstones, Too!

Vickie Hallmark | Peach Blossom Earrings | peach moonstone, almandine garnet, Argentium, fine silver

Last time I wrote about my love affair with rainbow moonstones. But there are plenty of other moonstones to love. Another of my favorites is peach moonstone. 

Vickie Hallmark | Dark Peach Blossom Earrings

The thing that links the two is the shimmer, which is really hard to photograph properly. This photo probably gives the best idea of the sheen when the light hits just right. 

Vickie Hallmark | Moon Leaf Studs - peach moonstone

Vickie Hallmark | Moon Leaf Dangle Earrings

Vickie Hallmark | Open Peach Blossom Earrings

I've made quite a few peach moonstone designs in the last year or two, so I'm always shopping for more stones. I can say that quality varies widely, and my husband doesn't call me Picky Vickie for nothing. When I find a great source, I now know to stock up!

rose cut peach moonstones



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