In the course of working in the studio, suboptimal things happen. Sometimes a delicate stone chips. Sometimes a tool slips. Sometimes the torch is held for a few seconds too long.

Many mistakes are recoverable, with enough work. But occasionally, the defects are minimal enough to warrant overlooking. If the damage is not noticeable on casual observation or in common wear, I might choose to offer the piece as a "second" at a high discount. 

In these cases, I like to clearly disclose the damage so that a potential owner can decide for themselves if the piece meets their needs. Sometimes that discount can make a lovely piece that would be too expensive suddenly within reach for an admirer.

In that case, everybody wins. 

These peach blossom earrings fall into the seconds category. Vickie Hallmark | Peach Blossom earrings | peach moonstones, Argentium and fine silver

Simultaneously bright and dark, these delicate dangle earrings bridge night and day. Tiny blossoms and leaves float below glowing rose cut peach moonstones to catch the light. 


Vickie Hallmark | Peach Blossom Earrings (back)

These one-of-a-kind earrings are sold as seconds, as the back of one earring is slightly deformed. The hidden defect doesn't detract from their beauty, and it brings a great 50% discount! Click the photo for the link to the shop.

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