Slow Jewelry

Vickie Hallmark | Bird Song Brooch | Argentium sterling silver, fine silver, hemimorphite druzy

Slow Food...Slow Fashion...Slow Design

Slow Jewelry

The Slow Movement began with Slow Food, as the antithesis of fast food. Now the movement has extended far beyond edibles to seek design in all forms that emphasizes the wellbeing of both people and the environment.

Jewelry is no exception to the slow movement. Standard fashion jewelry elevates mass-produced work typically produced overseas with low-quality materials. Wear it for a season, then toss it. The alternative Slow Jewelry approach offers handmade, one-of-a-kind, modern heirlooms that can be worn for a lifetime and more. 

I pride myself on being part of that Slow Jewelry movement.

Green Sourcing

Fast fashion jewelry may be gold-plated brass with plastic "gems." Sounds appealing, right? Two years from now, it will not only be out of fashion, but it will probably be tarnished and chipped as well. Real jewelry materials like gold and silver can stand the test of time, and ultimately be recycled or updated. They have intrinsic material, aesthetic, and emotional value.

Vickie Hallmark Jewelry uses silver that is 100% recycled, hypoallergenic and low maintenance - good for people and the planet. I recycle all gold and silver scrap in my studio. I carefully select gemstones from artisan gem cutters, and use recycled stones when appropriate and available. 

Vickie Hallmark | Bird Song Brooch back | Argentium sterling silver, fine silver, hemimorphite druzyArtist Made

Slow jewelry takes time...and skill. I have both one-of-a-kind and limited production jewelry in my lines. My jewelry is all handmade, starting from raw materials like silver sheet and gold wire.

For one-of-a-kind pieces, each detail is completely hand-fabricated, taking as long as it takes to get the detail that I'm known for (Picky Vickie is my nickname). Often the back bears some intriguing detail to be seen only by the wearer, because I view my work as art with multiple sides. 

In some cases, I have a small family-owned casting company reproduce my original designs in small batches, to make affordable jewelry for gift-giving. They pride themselves on personal attention to detail. Even then, I still finish every piece meticulously myself. 

I like to share the details of the inspiration and process of how pieces are made, because  buyers find the story behind a piece to be a charming part of choosing personal adornments.

Building a relationship with an artist who sees the world in a way you admire is an opportunity to bring beauty into the world that you can wear with pride, while supporting work you care about. I'm honored that I can make work that I love, that goes out into the world to admiring hearts that will treasure it for much more than a fashion season. 




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