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Daggers and Tanzanites and Inspiration

Inspiration is a great thing. Sometimes, it's the leftover components that have been sitting in a box in the studio for years, like the daggers that have been popping up in my earrings recently. Other times, it might be color or shape of stones, like the luscious blue-violet color that caused me to order ALL the rose cut tanzanites available from an Indian gem cutter that I'm testing out.    Yes, I ordered every size and shape available, with visions of earring after earring (and maybe even a few necklaces) popping into my head. I found myself feeling predatory - get 'em quick before somebody else snaps them up! That's how I know the muse is talking to me. I may...

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More Dagger Earrings

"Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen." - John Steinbeck Every morning I write in my journal and do a little design sketch work before heading out to the studio. Based on the recent dagger/ sticks&stones earrings, I've been riffing on that theme. How can I use up all those dagger drops? I find that if I just draw a handful, something will inspire me to go try it in metal.   

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Danger Jewelry

Sometimes an idea has to wait for its time. My original idea didn't pan out. I made a mold and cast dozens of these long dagger shapes for a project years ago. A few actually got used, but mostly they sat in a box.  While working on a new earring design, I wanted some long dangles. Prowling through the boxes of components, what did I find? The daggers, short and long.  Yes, they were curved, but I hammered them straight again. I made the first pair of earrings, with druzies. I proceeded to wear them as a test - would I endanger my neck? All good. I even wore them to pilates, with no damage.    I enjoyed the slight tinkle...

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Peek into My Process

A peek into the process of creating Vickie Hallmark jewelry. Sketching and hand-sculpting tiny metal components, fabricating with Argentium wire and sheet, finishing and stone-setting - a lot goes into creating an art treasure to wear.

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